Friends of Disabled Adults and Children Partners with Sandy Springs Rotary to Recycle Home Medical Equipment

Collection Drive to be Held at Morgan Falls Overland Park during Earth Week

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC), a non-profit organization providing over $10 million annually in durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies to the disabled community, has partnered with the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs to collect and recycle used home medical equipment (HME). The collection drive, to be held at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, will run 19 – 26 April 2014 during International Earth Week.

“U.S. hospitals annually discard more than 200 million tons of medical waste, with more than a third of that being recyclable equipment,” stated Chris Brand, president and CEO of FODAC. “The problem of how to dispose of discarded equipment isn’t just with the hospitals, but extends to rehab centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes and to individuals.”

Brand wants to make medical facilities and individuals aware of FODAC and its mission, and encourage them to donate used equipment to his organization instead of throwing it away.

“Cutbacks in government programs have increased co-payments and wait times for benefits. Our goal is to take this equipment out of the landfills and into the hands of those who really need it.”

Realizing FODAC’s increased need for donated equipment as well as the public need for a solution as to where to recycle the equipment, the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs stepped in to resolve both problems. The Sandy Springs club is asking medical facilities and residents of Sandy Springs and surrounding areas to collect gently used HME and bring it to its collection site in Morgan Falls. From there, the equipment will be turned over to FODAC, who will clean, repair and redistribute it to adults and children with long- and short-term mobility impairments, at little or no cost to the recipient.

Items requested include crutches, canes, walkers, braces, air casts, manual and power wheelchairs (including footrests), medical supplies, hospital beds, bathroom equipment, grab bars, children’s adaptive equipment and other assistive technology.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) helps people with injuries and disabilities of all ages regain their mobility, independence and quality of life. The non-profit organization provides more than $10 million annually in refurbished home medical equipment (HME) and home modifications in Georgia and across the United States, all at little or no cost to the recipients. A pioneer in re-use, FODAC keeps 200 tons of materials out of landfills each year by refurbishing and reissuing over 400 HME items every month, and is recognized nationally for best practices. In 2013, FODAC was selected as the statewide distributor of home medical equipment (HME) and assistive technology in the event of a large population-affecting emergency situation. For more information, visit www.fodac.org.

Founded in 1972, Rotary Club of Sandy Springs joins over 1.2 million Rotarians providing humanitarian service in local communities and throughout the world.  For more information, visit www.SandySpringsRotary.org.


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