After-school: Engineering For Kids Classes in Dunwoody

Engineering for Kids is offering Marine Engineering Classes for Ages 7-14 at Hobby Lobby in Dunwoody.

Tuesdays 10/1-11/19 5:15-6:15PM

8 Weeks: $155 per student

During the Marine Engineering classes, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine several types of marine based devices and vehicles. Students construct working prototypes that teach and reinforce the concepts of above water transportation, underwater exploration, and harnessing the power of water. They will build boats, submarines, canoes, battery powered boats, and much more. They gain exposure to careers in naval, ocean, and marine engineering as well as naval architecture.

Register Here. https://www.iclassprov2.com/icpv2/parentportal/metroatlanta/classes Limited Enrollment. Registration ends 9/25.

About Engineering For Kids

Engineering For Kids® brings the wonder and excitement of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to children ages 4-14 through a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Create your own video game! Design a hot air balloon! Build rockets, roller coasters, and robots! All of this is possible with Engineering For Kids®!

•Our inquiry based Programs are designed to be an Exciting, Fun, Hands-on, experience with STEM related projects.
•We offer Curriculum correlating to the STEM  National Standards
•We provide the most comprehensive Engineering Program



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