Primrose Kindergartener, Abram, enjoyed creating an imaginary story about the “Magical Pumpkin Patch.”
Primrose Kindergartener, Abram, enjoyed creating an imaginary story about the “Magical Pumpkin Patch.”

On Friday, October 25th, preschoolers from the Primrose School of Dunwoody enjoyed a special surprise in their school garden, the Primrose Patch.  Overnight the “magical” pumpkins seeds that they had planted, had grown into full sized pumpkins.

When we asked the children to guess where the pumpkins might have come from, they enjoyed creating imaginary stories that would explain their sudden appearance at school.  Primrose Kindergartener, Abram, responded by saying, “The pumpkins came from another world. Those people threw the seeds into our world through big tornado.”

This month the students have been exploring seeds and bulbs and learning about the fall season.  Here are some great fall books for the entire family to enjoy together:

• "Five Little Pumpkins" illustrated by Dan Yaccarino - Children ages 0-3 will love the classic tale about the adventures of “five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.”
• "Leaf Man" by Louis Ehlert - Children ages 2 and up will enjoy this story about a character created from fall leaves as they follow his adventures and enjoy collage illustrations.
• "The Honest-to-Goodness Truth" by Patricia C. McKissack - Readers ages 3 and up will enjoy this humorous tale of a girl who is determined to tell the truth no matter what.
• "Fletcher and the Falling Leaves" by Julia Rawlinson - Children 3-6 will enjoy this story of a fox who watches his favorite tree turn colors and lose its leaves in the fall.   
• "Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden" by George Levenson, Shmuel Thaler - Readers ages 3-8 will love learning how a pumpkin grows from a seed to a vine to a pumpkin in this colorful book. 

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