Georgia Power: Broken Utility Pole Has Been Replaced

A broken utility pole off the I-285 West exit ramp at North Peachtree Road, in Dunwoody may have caught your attention.

Amy Fink, a Georgia Power spokesperson, has informed Patch that a broken utility pole at North Peachtree Road and Cotillion Drive was replaced a while ago. 

Last week, another representative said the pole had not yet been replaced but it would be eventually.

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Fink said although the old pole is still there, the new pole is nearby. "...Other wires, such as cable and telephone lines are still attached to the old pole," she said. "Once we replace a pole, we cut the pole just above where other wires remain and notify the other owners of the lines so they can transfer their lines to the new pole. Once the other wires are transferred, the old pole will be removed. 

Joyce Briggs alerted Patch to the damaged utility pole which she reported to Georgia Power in August. 


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