DeKalb County Animal Services Pets of the Week

Nearby Dunwoody: DeKalb Animal Services also has some things to consider to keep your pets safe over the holidays.

Regal Martha
Regal Martha

By Karen Hirsch

It’s that time of year!  he holidays bring family, gifts, goodies and increased hazards for your beloved pets. Here are some things to consider to keep your pets safe over the holidays.

Beware of Decorations

Decorations look like fun to dogs and cats, who like way light reflects off shiny ornaments or tinsel, so they may try to play with these. The problem is that broken ornaments and tinsel often end up getting eaten by playful dogs and kitties and can cause choking, internal lacerations and more.  To avoid the dangers, don’t use tinsel and be sure to place glass ornaments up higher on the tree.  Also, teach your cats not to climb the tree (try using a spray bottle filled with water), so they won’t knock the decorations off.    

Watch Out for Cords

Is your dog or cat a chewer? Then watch them carefully around your hanging holiday lights to avoid electric shock. And be sure to use a grounded three-prong extension cord as a safety precaution.


Many plants are poisonous to cats and dogs, including any lily (lethal for cats), poinsettias, holly, pine needles and mistletoe. Minimize the danger by keeping the plants out of their reach, and keep your pets away from your Christmas tree.  


With extra treats sitting around there are extra opportunities for your pet to sneak a snack.  Some of these can be toxic to pets though including, chocolate, artificial sweetners such as xylitol and macadamia nuts.  So don’t leave treats sitting out unattended.

DCAS Pets of the Week:  Archie and Martha

December is Home for the Pawlidays month at DCAS! Adopt any dog or puppy for only $20 and any cat or kitten for only $10.  Adoption includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and more – a $200 value!  Regular screening criteria still applies to ensure a good home.

One of the sweeties you can adopt is Archie, a six-month-old lab-terrier mix who is a loving and easy going. Archie is adorable with his floppy ears and white chest.  He gets along great with other dogs, loves to play and adores people.  Archie is only $20 during our Home for the Pawlidays promotion.  To meet Archie, please drop by the shelter, email adoption@dekalbanimalservices.com or call (404) 294-2165.  To view other great animals available for adoption, visit www.dekalbanimalservices.com

Another gorgeous animal you can adopt is Martha, a stunning and sweet two-year-old cat.  Martha has beautiful medium-long hair, and came into the shelter with kittens who have all been adopted. She is ready to find her home too!  Martha is being fostered at Sheepish at 308 W Ponce de Leon Ave, Suite F-2, Decatur GA 30030. Please call  404-377-6875 if you’d like to meet her.

About DeKalb Animal Services

Managed by LifeLine Animal Project, DeKalb Animal Services provides humane care for the animals at the shelter, veterinary care including spay/neuters, pet adoptions, animal reclaims, volunteers, foster homes and rescue group coordination.  To learn more, please visit www.dekalbanimalservices.com


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